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We collect information you wish you had

On Seedscout, we collect data that helps you evaluate startups at scale. Instead of fishing around for the data, you have it all in one place with Seedscout.
  • Traction : Know revenue or user growth
  • Fundraise Status: See who's fundraising, how much they are raising, and who's already in the round.
  • Product Development: See who's built a full product vs. who has built an MVP.
  • Team Background: See the CEO's LinkedIn and the team's background on "why them".
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"Venture capital isn't built for outsiders...and we're here to change that"
Mat Sherman, founder of Seedscout

The Seedscout Blog

Startup investing is very different from investing in public stocks. Due to this, we provide the education needed to make sure our customers are successful in this new game. Read our blog here.

Forward Thinking Founders

We've interviewed 700 founders on our podcast, Forward Thinking Founders. From nobodies to legends, we try to catch founders early and watch them grow. Listen to our podcast

The Seedscout event calendar

We often put on events with startup luminaries and founders on the rise. These events are open to public and you can see our upcoming events right here.

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