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Seedscout has a built-in network of investors that are ready to meet you. Make an account, request intros, and increase your odds of raising funds.

Dozens of Happy Customers

Request Intros To Investors Via Seedscout

1. Look Through Our Investors

We have over 800 investors who have joined Seedscout and are looking to meet founders. Filter and scan until you find the perfect matches.

2. Request Introductions

See an investor you want to meet? Request an intro via Seedscout and we'll instantly forward your information to the investor, all by email.

3. Get Introduced or Get Feedback

When an investor signals they want to meet, you'll be instantly introduced. If they pass, you'll be notified as well.

4.  Turn Initial Interest Into Capital

Turn these meetings into investments. Need help converting a call into a check? We're here to help.

What Makes Seedscout Different?

Stronger Than A Cold Email

Every investor on Seedscout has opted into receiving intro requests on their own time. Unlike sending cold outreach, coming through Seedscout means coming through a trusted source for them. Our customers get to borrow from that brand familiarity.

24% Avg. Reply Rate To Intro Requests

Feature ToolFeature Tool
Feature ToolFeature Tool

Know Who Will Reply Before You Reach Out

Seedscout tracks every investors' reply rate on their intros and displays this on their profile. When you see someone you want to meet, check out their engagement rate to understand the chances they'll reply to you.

Book Fundraising Strategy Calls

Our Founder, Mat Sherman, has helped tons of startups raise capital. He knows what messages investors like, how to frame value props, and what slides on decks are necessary vs. which are a waste. If you are on the $100/mo plan, get access to book a call with Mat once per month.

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Get Pinged When Your Target Investor Joins

Looking for an investor who cuts $25k checks into consumer companies and is location agnostic? Set your preferences so when an investor who fits those (or any) filters, you get emailed automatically.

Our Angel Investor Network Hails From Companies Like:

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Raised by Seedscout customers

Est. 2019

Seedscout has been helping founders raise money and expand their network since 2019. Seedscout was started by Mat Sherman, when he realized the only thing stopping really smart outsiders from raising capital was simply their limited investor network. He started Seedscout to help give anyone in the world a real shot at meeting actual investors, which means a real shot at raising capital. As they say, the rest is history.

Stars Group

Seedscout has truly demystified the art of fundraising and we have used their connections, introductions and advice to get our initial pre-seed round off the ground. Seedscout is an invaluable resource for the founder wanting to raise their first round of funding the right way. I highly recommend Seedscout.

Andrew Jernigan
Cofounder of Insured Nomads
Stars Group

Seedscout has helped connect me with founders and investors, as well as potential customers. It allows me to easily find people that I want to talk to, whether it be for advice from founders who are further along than me or investors, and saves me time with getting connected to them. I’ve loved using Seedscout, and I’d recommend it for anyone wanting to expand their network and save time while doing so.

Max Bregman
Founder of BreatheEV
Stars Group

Mat and his network got me trained up on how to play the game of pattern matching, warm nodes, and charts and activating them simultaneously. I don’t get to this spot with him & Seedscout’s network.

Adam Laor
Founder of Sinatra
Stars Group

Seedscout is run by an ambitious and dedicated founder who understands the challenges faced by early stage startups who aren't in Silicon Valley. Seedscout was able to quickly connect us to investors and ultimately checks. We even got scouted outside of an intro that led to investment as well. We can attribute more than $500K of funding to the introductions that were made using the platform. Highly recommend!

Woody Sears
Cofounder at Autio
Stars Group

Our fastest "YES" from an investor so far was from a Seedscout intro. We were introduced, scheduled a call, talked for 45 minutes, sent supporting docs that night, had a yes the next morning, money in the bank a week later.

Lisa Russell
Founder of Aleria

Get Access To Investors In 25% of The Time

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One Click Intro Requests

We auto populate your intro request, so all it takes ia a single clck to fire it off to the target investor.

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Everything Runs Through Email

There isn't an app for you (or investors) to download. All communication from Seedscout happens via email

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We Follow Up For You

Triggered an intro request but haven't gotten a reply yet? Seedscout will follow up on your behalf, every time.





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Frequently Ask Questions

What Does Seedscout Cost + What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

Seedscout has three tiers: $10/mo, $50/mo, $100/mo. $10/mo gets you access to our full investor directory and you receive 1 intro request credits. $50/mo gets you 5 intro request credits and directory access. $100/mo gets you 10 intro request credits and directory access. All plans are month to month, cancel anytime.

The moment you pay, our investor directory will be available to you. You'll be able to look through the investors and start sending intro requests. You will also have access to our job seekers and other founders in the app.

We try to get all of our users to reply to every intro request, but often this isn't the case...just like life! Target your requests, make custom messages, and your reply rate will be higher.