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Choosing the Right SaaS Marketing Platform for Your Business

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Introducing Our Cutting-Edge 🎯 Marketing Automation Tool

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Your Ultimate Marketing Arsenal

Reach your target audience wherever they are, from email & social media

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Time-Saving Automation

Understand your customers like never before. Track user behavior

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Automated Lead Nurturing

Guide leads through all the sales funnel with automated nurturing workflows

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Easy Smooth Integrations

Seamlessly integrate our tool with your existing tech stack

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Meet Our Dynamic Team Member, Who AreReally Care About

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Brooklyn Simmons
Digital Marketer
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Leslie Alexander
Product Designer
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Ralph Edwards
Marketing Coordinator
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Albert Flores
Digital Marketer
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Jane Cooper
Web Designer
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Jacob Jones
Software Engineer
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Courtney Henry
Lead Developer
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Darrell Steward
President of Sales

Frequently Ask Questions

What Does Seedscout Cost + What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

Seedscout has four tiers: Free, $100/mo, $250/mo, and $500/mo. The free tier allows you to create/edit your profile  and receive intro requests from investors on Seedscout. $100/mo gets you access to our full investor database and you receive 10 intro request credits. $250/mo gets you 25 intro request credits. $500/mo gets you 50 intro request credits. All plans are month to month, cancel anytime.

The moment you pay, our investor database will be available to you. You'll be able to look through the investors and start sending intro requests. You will also have access to our job seekers and other founders in the app.

We try to get all of our users to reply to every intro request, but often this isn't the case. If another user isn't replying to your intro requests, let the Seedscout team know at the end of your payment period and we will give you extra intro request credits.

If you sign up but don't pay, your profile will be available to investors to browse. If they feel compelled to request an intro to you, you're able to receive that and meet them for no cost. You only would pay if you want to browse other users and request intros.

Make Your Free Seedscout Account Today

It's free to make Seedscout account and open yourself up to intro requests from investors on our platform.