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Seedscout introduces founders in our ecosystem to venture partners to jam on their company, provide feedback, and increase the founder's luck surface area.
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"Seedscout has truly demystified the art of fundraising"
Andrew Jernigan, Founder/CEO of Insured Nomads

Being a Seedscout Venture Partner a simple way help founders improve

Meet Our Founders– Once you're in the program, we'll introduce a agreed upon amount of founders to you every month
Provide Feedback – Once you meet with a founder, submit feedback about their investment opportunity to Seedscout. This helps us give feedback to the founder
Earn Seedscout Equity– Over time, you'll have the opportunity to earn equity directly in Seedscout Inc for being an active venture partner.

Here's How It Works In Action

Sounds Good To Be True?
We get it...But It's Not

The Seedscout venture partner program is not aimed to be a glorified sales program for Seedscout. We are here to help the founders. Here are some more aspects of our program that might help you understand what we're doing here.

Our Incentives Are Aligned

Every founder we introduce you to is part of the Seedscout Alpha program, meaning we beileve in the founder and have equity in their startup. When they win, we all win.

Grow Your Network

We don't just allow building a relationship outside of Seedscout; we encourage it. Once you meet a founder from Seedscout, feel free to introduce them to your buddies or invest directly

Meet Founders Early

Seedscout works with founders before they raised their series A. Build a relationships with the next Deel or Mercury before they get big. Even better, help them get big.

Join a Rocketship

We're biased but we think Seedscout is going to the moon. We already have equity in 15+ companies and are looking to increase this rapidly. By being a VP, we all get rich together.

Is Our Deal Flow Good?

People may ask if we have signal or we'll just be introducing the venture partners to a ton of nobodies. To that, we explain how Seedscout was seeded; the Forward Thinking Founders podcast. Here is our track recored of spotting great founders before the market does.

Mat Sherman, Founder of Seedscout

A Note From Our Founder

"There are a lot of extremely smart, wealthy, and genuinely good people out there who want to help the next generation of founders. Unfortunately, in 2022, helping outside of investing has been frowned down upon by the founder community.

Here at Seedscout, we understand capital isn't the only currency. Relationships are a currency. Time is a currency. Experience is a currency. And inside of the Seedscout venture partner program, these are valued to the highest degree.

The Seedscout VP program gives people who have experience in the world of venture backed startups a structured way to give back to the next generation of founders. In return, we give up a % of Seedscout to each VP in hopes of creating a long term and enduring program that serves founders for decades to come."

- Mat Sherman

Quotes From Founders We've Helped

"Seedscout was incredibly helpful throughout the process of starting OthersideAI. They were able to provide valuable feedback, suggestions, and connections, all of which helped us pull together an initial raise that kickstarted our growth. Seedscout would be an invaluable advisor to any entrepreneur looking to take on their first round of capital."
Matt Shumer
Cofounder/CEO of OthersideAI
"Seedscout has truly demystified the art of fundraising and we have used their connections, introductions and advice to get our initial pre-seed round off the ground. Seedscout is an invaluable resource for the founder wanting to raise their first round of funding the right way. I highly recommend Seedscout.  
Andrew Jernigan
Cofounder/CEO of Insured Nomads

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