👋 Meet the Seedscout Partnership

Behind Seedscout is a partnership of people from all backgrounds working to find and support the next great founders of our time.

Seedscout's flagship product is called Seedscout Alpha. For under 1%, we open up our vast investor & mentor network, connect founders to key service providers, and occasionally open up our checkbook and provide grant capital. To help us select the best companies, we have a team that we call The Seedscout Partnership.

The Partnership consists of Partners, Principals, Associates, & Scouts + our own investors who backed us on day one. We have one job and that is to identify the world's best founders before the market does and give them a disproportionate advantage by having them join Seedscout Alpha.

How The Seedscout Partnership Works

Everyone has a magnet – Everyone in the partnership has a project that draws founders to them. Whether it's a podcast, newsletter, or something else entirely, everyone is putting their name out there in a way that aligns with founders.

Everyone Goes To Bat Every week, we get together as a partnership and discuss companies we met in the last week or two. For those we like, we go to bat for them to get into Alpha.

Everyone Gets Upside – At some point, Seedscout will have a win. Eventually, we'll have lots of them. When this happens, we make sure the whole partnership gets rich, not just the partners & investors.

Venture Partners

Mat Sherman
Co-Founder at Khyron Technologies
Matthew Witenstein
Former Consultant for Uber Eats
Madeline Dolgin
GP at Avalanche VC
Lotanna Nwose
Partner at 1517 Fund
Roy King
Podcast Host & Associate
Lauren Self
Eric Zhu

Our Earliest Backers

Eric Ries
Founder & CEO Long-Term Stock Exchange
Matt Redler
Cofounder & CEO at Panther
Kenny Tucker
Formerly Exec at Plangrid & Proxy
Quinn Wang
Cofounder CEO t Quadrant Eye
Dave Goldblatt
Formerly at Facebook from 2007-2017

Want To Join
The Team?

We're always looking for smart people who want to join the Seedscout Partnership and help us accomplish our mission. Is that you? Tell us a little about yourself over email and we'll go from there.