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Increase your access to startups hiring for different roles and investors helping their portfolio companies hire.

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Seedscout is home to hundreds of founders who are also looking to hire PT and FT talent. As a job seeker on the platform, feel free to browse and request intros to founders you want to do business with. Or just wait for them to request intros to meet you.


Meet founders who are looking to hire for a role now. Request an intro and skip the application process


Meet investors who are trying to help their portfolio companies with their own hiring goals.

Job Seekers

Meet other job seekers on the platform to see what has worked for them and swap war stories.

How Seedscout Works

Create Your Profile

When creating your profile, you include all relevant information about you and your job search. Once the profile is created, you are ready to receive intro requests from other on Seedscout. You can request your own intros too on a paid plan. We simply pull your data from the profile and share it with the users you want to meet.

Browse Our Network In Your Dashboard

Once you create your profile and become a customer, you'll be able to browse our whole network. You'll see information that they added in when they joined Seedscout. Filter based on your preferences and start figuring out who you want to meet. You can see all founders, investors, and job seekers on platform.

Request Intros With One Click

Once you decide you want to meet someone else on Seedscout, simply click request an intro. At this point, the data from your profile is sent to them and if they approve of the intro, you're both instantly connected.

Leverage Auto Intros

Every customer get at least one auto intro per month on the platform. These are guaranteed introductions to users we call "auto intros users". Every auto intro user on has committed to meeting 2-4 founders on Seedscout, every month. They are primarily giving feedback, providing advice, and will open up their own network if they feel compelled. When you become.a customer, we will give you the full list of auto intro users. Get a peek at some of our users below.

Watch The Seedscout Demo For Founders

Pick A Plan Below

Seedscout Lite

$100 /mo
Create Your Free
Seedscout Account
One Auto Intro Per Month
10 Intro Requests Per Month
Email support from the Seedscout team

Play Your Hand

$250 /mo
Create Your Free
Seedscout Account
Two Auto Intros Per Month
25 Intro Requests Per Month
Limited Phone Support W/ Seedscout Team

Network Builder

$500 /mo
Create Your Free
Seedscout Account
Four Auto Intros Per Month
50 Intro Requests Per Month
Full Access Support w/ Seedscout Team

FAQ For Job Seekers

Seedscout is creating a new product category, but we'll try to get ahead of
some of your questions here.

What happens if I request intros and they don't reply?

We try to get all of our users to reply to every intro request, but often this isn't the case. If another user isn't reply to your intro requests, let the Seedscout team know at the end of your payment period and we will either give you extra intro request credits or share more auto intros to make up for it.

What happens if I sign up for Seedscout but don't pay?

If you sign up but don't pay, your profile will be available to any other paying user. If they feel compelled to request an intro to you, you're able to receive that and meet them for no cost. You only would pay if you want to browse other users and request intros.

What am I getting once I become a customer?

The moment you pay, our network database will be available to you. You'll be able to look through all our users and start sending intro requests. You will be emailed a list of our auto intro users who you will be able to trigger meetings with, depending on your plan.

Do you charge month to month or is there a minimum commitment?

Seedscout is month to month. At any point, you can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel in your dashboard.

Scale Your Network With Seedscout

If want an edge as a job seeker, Seedscout is a no brainer. Join for free and see if anyone in the network requests an intro to you. Up your chances of success and sign up as a customer and send requests yourself. What are you waiting for?

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