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Seedscout is a platform that makes it really easy to build context with investors to help them get to know you, with goal of building relationships and raising capital.
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Seedscout is a startup context building machine

Get scouted – Share some information about your company with us so we can get to know you.
Upload more information – To help us get a better understanding about your company, you have the option of sharing more info about you.
Send monthly updates – Every month, you'll be prompted to update your Seedscout profile. This helps us build context on you.

Here's how it works in action

Watch a demo • 1:07

Seedscout Comes With
Plenty of Other Perks

The core value of Seedscout comes from the platform mentioned above. With that said, the benefits of that can take some time to kick in so we have some immediate value to share simply by being part of our community.
Angela Nguyen
Hey Seedscout Community! I'm the founder of Juicebox and we make it easy to stay hydrated on marathons.

Meet a New Founder

We have a founder slack you can join as a part of being on Seedscout. There's 1,000 founders in there and counting!
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Save $$$ On Products

We've partnered with BuiltFirst to give all of our founders discounts to hundreds of products.
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Come to An Event

We've put on events with industry leaders to help out founder community learn from the best.
Hey asks@seedscout.com, can you intro me to Dave Goldblatt? I think he will really like our new web3 solution for high gas fees.

Ask For Introductions

At any point email asks@seedscout.com asking to meet with anyone, and we'll either forward it along or tell you why we can't.
Mat Sherman, Founder of Seedscout
A proud 10x YC reject

A Note From Our Founder

"Many founders get rejected from programs but they don't know why so all they can do is guess. This isn't fair to founders at all.

Seedscout's goal is to provide a fair shake. We don't make it easier to raise capital if you're not ready, but we can tell you why we think you're not ready and give you feedback on how that could change.

We don't provide a shortcut. It may take you years to earn our conviction as a founder and open you up to our network. But we can guarantee a fair shake. And at the end of the day, this is all founders really have been asking for." - Mat Sherman

Quotes From Founders We've Helped

"Seedscout was incredibly helpful throughout the process of starting OthersideAI. They were able to provide valuable feedback, suggestions, and connections, all of which helped us pull together an initial raise that kickstarted our growth. Seedscout would be an invaluable advisor to any entrepreneur looking to take on their first round of capital."
Matt Shumer
Cofounder/CEO of OthersideAI
"Seedscout has truly demystified the art of fundraising and we have used their connections, introductions and advice to get our initial pre-seed round off the ground. Seedscout is an invaluable resource for the founder wanting to raise their first round of funding the right way. I highly recommend Seedscout.  
Andrew Jernigan
Cofounder/CEO of Insured Nomads

The Cost? 100% Free.

No joke. No catch. No cost. We offer all these resources to founders for free because it's important to us that there's a resource for founders that doesn't filter. We are that resource.

Seedscout is here to support you through your founder journey

Join Seedscout and see what we have to offer. We think you'll like what you find.
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