Accelerate Your Network For 0.25% Of Your Startup

Seedscout Alpha is an accelerator for founders to help them get access to the people they need to meet, to build what they need to build. There is no cash fee to access Seedscout intro requests, only 0.25% of your startup.

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Accelerators are usually too expensive and not very useful.
We're different.

Here's How It Works

Get 25 Intro Requests Per Month To Investors

Seedscout is a software product with over 700 investors who have joined our network. Request intros to up to 25 of these investors every single month.

Two Mentor Calls A Month

We don't believe in holding your hand through a mentor program. Get a list of all our mentors on day one. Trigger introductions to two per month who you think could be valuable to you.

Office Hours With Our Team On Demand

Get a booking link to meet with our founder whenever you want. Mat has helped Seedscout founders raise millions, and you will have him at your disposal on demand.

Meet Four Of Our Various Mentors

The best people to talk to are those a few steps ahead of you. Seedscout has brought together dozens of experienced founders and investors who are here to help.

Bethany Stachenfeld
Founder/CEO of Sendspark
(Raised $1M+)
Kelly Smith
Founder @ Prenda
(YC Founder, raised $10M+)
Zach Holman
Founder @ WorkOn
(First engineer at Github)
Michaell Vega Sanz
Cofounder @ Lula
(YC Founder, raised $10M+)

Investors Love Backing
Alpha Founders

We attracted some of the top firms in the valley to invest in a handful of our founders. Here's a small sample of them.

Invested into startups directly from our intros
Raised in aggregate after we get involved
Max equity you need to give away

Vibe Capital

Sequoia Capital

1517 Fund
Draper Associates

Village Global

Hustle Fund

Are We Value Add? Don't Ask Us.

"Seedscout has truly demystified the art of fundraising and we have used their connections, introductions and advice to get our initial pre-seed round off the ground. Seedscout is an invaluable resource for the founder wanting to raise their first round of funding the right way. I highly recommend Seedscout."
Andrew Jernigan
Cofounder and CEO of Insured Nomads
"Our fastest "YES" from an investor so far was from a Seedscout intro. We were introduced, scheduled a call, talked for 45 minutes, sent supporting docs that night, had a yes the next morning, money in the bank a week later."
Lisa Russell
Cofounder and CEO of Aleria
"Seedscout was incredibly helpful throughout the process of starting OthersideAI/Hyperwrite. Mat was able to provide valuable feedback, suggestions, and connections, all of which helped us pull together an initial raise that kickstarted our growth. Seedscout would be an invaluable resource to any entrepreneur looking to take on their first round of capital."
Matt Shumer
Cofounder and CEO of Hyperwrite/OthersideAI
"Seedscout is run by an ambitious and dedicated founder who understands the challenges faced by early stage startups who aren't in Silicon Valley. Seedscout was able to quickly connect us to investors and ultimately checks. We even got scouted outside of an intro that led to investment as well. We can attribute more than $500K of funding to the introductions that were made using the platform. Highly recommend!"
Woody Sears
Cofounder and CEO of Autio

You Ready For This?

Seedscout Alpha costs 0.25% of your company. In exchange, you get access to Seedscout's software & network forever.

You in?