We Help Founders Improve Their Network To Raise Capital

Seedscout Pro helps founders build their network (online and in person) to make raising capital a more efficient use of time
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"Seedscout has truly demystified the art of fundraising"
Andrew Jernigan, Founder/CEO of Insured Nomads

Seedscout Pro Offers Three Benefits To Founders

VP Intros– Meet one venture partner a week to gradually expand your network, get feedback on your pitch, and work on fostering relationships with busy people.
Investor Intro Requests – We'll put your deal in front of 25 investors in our network every month. If they want an intro, we'll make it. Track all the intro requests in your founder portal.
IRL Experiences – We throw events and invite a ton of smart people and let serendipity do the rest.  Include suite tickets for sport games, mansion retreats, day hikes, and more.

The VP Feedback Cycle

Get Introduced To a Venture Partner

Our Venture Partners are people who have a ample amount of experience in the startup industry. They've seen a lot and have perspective that can be valuable to you. In addition, they have met MANY types of founders and have pattern recognition that many don't have.
Meet Our Team
We have a team who is incentivized to help you win, which sometimes means giving you feedback others won't.

Get Structured & Actionable Feedback

After each meeting with a venture partner, they will rate your startup on a few key investability scores like market size, team strength, founder communication, etc. This is generally hard to get from investors, but we are here to make sure founders know where the can improve.
Feedback on Adam Laor:

Build Relationships Outside of Seedscout

As you meet venture partners, you'll find ones that you like and some of them may like working with you. Build a relationship with them over time and you never know where this could lead. Not every VP intro will be perfect but for the ones who are, try to keep the relationship strong over time.

Who You'll Be Meeting...

Eric Ries
Founder/CEO @ LTSE
Katelyn Donnely
GP @ AvalancheVC
Tom White
Writer/Builder @ On Deck & Investor
Zak Slayback
Partner at 1517 Fund
Adam Singer
Marketing Exec w/ experience at Google, Invitae, etc.
Dalglish Chew
Former Associate Partner at McKinsey & Company
Amari Smothers
Business Transformation @ LinkedIn
David Meng
Co-Founder at Khyron Technologies

Ready To Meet VCs?
Request 25 Intros A Month

600+ Investors In Network

You can see the investors that we're connected to the moment you sign up for Pro. No need to shoot in the dark, we'll let you know who we know.

(join our investor network here)

See What Investors Are ACTUALLY Investing

We've developed a point system to help you see what investors in our database are active, who's dormant, and who is in the middle. The higher the score, the better.

Track Every Request In App

Track every request that we send out for you in your Seedscout ap. See who passed (and why they passed), and see who didn't even respond.

Benchmarking Data

Because we work on so many raises, we'll be able to tell you how "hot" your round is compared to other rounds we're working on. This is hard to come by info.

Increase Your Serendipity In The
Seedscout Ecosystem

Come To A Sporting Event

We buy tickets to live sporting events all the time. We even have season suite tickets booked at Footprint Arena in Phoenix. Have good conversation with other founders while watching your favorite sports team.

Join Our Mansion Retreats

We host Seedscout Founder Retreats in mansions around the country. Join Pro and you'll always have a place to stay when we host them.

Chat w/ Other Founders on Our Podcast Network

Come onto our podcast, Forward Thinking Founders, to share about your startup and connect with others in the Seedscout ecosystem via on air discussions .

Some Thoughts From Founders

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